LAST MINUTE GIG! This Sunday (4th Aug) Afternoon POOL PARTY GIG in Trentino (I)!!!!!

It's summer, let's take some last minute!!!! This sunday, 4th of August 2019, GREEN ARROWS and CONFINE (Bolzano Old School HC) will be perform in Trentino (Italy) at the hottest pool party of the season. Write to for more informations!!!!!!!

2016 – 2019: The current era

From the previous chapter …and here the last (for now) chapter in the band’s history. This period can be considered the one with more stability, where all what was made in the past comes to concreteness. The 2016 and the first half of 2017 slipped away with the presentation gigs of Our Reality in all... Continue Reading →

1999 – 2019: 20 years of Green Arrows

It seems yesterday: three guys between 16 and 18 years that were searching all across the city for fixing a rehearsal for giving birth to their band. Being honest, the first contact between the three original members and the first jam-sessions were in the end of the 1998..... but there was any idea for what... Continue Reading →

From our ‘hood: BLACK ARROWS

After a small pause, this monday we will come back with the "From our 'hood" rubric, and we would to highlight you the guys of Black Arrows. The collaboration between us and this crew of the Czech republic is the longest rapport of cross-support we have with a clothes brand. It seems yesterday that we had... Continue Reading →

From our ‘hood: PRIDE FRANCE

This week we want to highlight to you PRIDE FRANCE. This clothing company is one of the four that wears the crew of G.A., as the name said, they are from France, and the brotherhood that has taken place between the band and the guys of P.F. is fixed from a couple of years ago.... Continue Reading →

From our ‘hood: Hockey Club Bolzano

This week we would to present to you something that hasn't to fit directly with our music, but with our roots. I'm talking about the main Ice Hockey team of our town: the Hockey Club Bolzano. The italian Anthem during one of the last match of the season in the "Palaonda" the Stadium of Bolzano... Continue Reading →

From our ‘hood: U-BOOT37

In the first appointment of from the 'hood we told you the story of the guys of Black Legion, this week we want to tell you the story of our rehearsal "U-Boot37". For the dudes that has no confidence with the habits of a band, the rehearsal is seen only as a place where 4... Continue Reading →

From our ‘hood: BLACK LEGION

With this rubric we want to tell you our world showing the stories of the dudes that collaborate us and their projects, the places of our where we live and where we play. The first release is dedicated to BLACK LEGION. This company is one of the 4 clothing co.s that endorse Green Arrows. The... Continue Reading →

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