From our ‘hood: PRIDE FRANCE

This week we want to highlight to you PRIDE FRANCE.
This clothing company is one of the four that wears the crew of G.A., as the name said, they are from France, and the brotherhood that has taken place between the band and the guys of P.F. is fixed from a couple of years ago.

The crew of Pride France works not only on the Street wear but they give a good chose on the gym wear too: they are true and consistent to their roots, they come from the fighting sports, and they propose stuff for the fighting trainings.


Another aspect that we appreciate and love of the vision of these guys, is the focus they put on the respect of the nature and the animals. Values that we share and defend too.

So, go on our endorsing page, go on PRIDE FRANCE and check on the collections that are now on the market.

Support the guys, support the scene.

Stay tuned!

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