From our ‘hood: BLACK ARROWS

After a small pause, this monday we will come back with the “From our ‘hood” rubric, and we would to highlight you the guys of Black Arrows.

The collaboration between us and this crew of the Czech republic is the longest rapport of cross-support we have with a clothes brand.


It seems yesterday that we had the first contact via mail, but, giving a look to the oldest photo, a lot of years just passed by!

So, if you go on our Endorsing page, you can find the link to the page of Black Arrows, go on it and you have all the media link of their pages.


There is a lot of good stuff, for boys and even for girls, from the t-shirts, to the hoodies, passing through the shorts and the caps.
The list is very long, go on it, chose and buy everything you like!

One scene, one family!

Stay tuned for the next post

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