1999 – 2019: 20 years of Green Arrows

It seems yesterday: three guys between 16 and 18 years that were searching all across the city for fixing a rehearsal for giving birth to their band.

Being honest, the first contact between the three original members and the first jam-sessions were in the end of the 1998….. but there was any idea for what will become and if it will long lasted.

By the way, the 6th March of 1999 arrived the first gig request….. we needed a rehearsal, we needed a name.

The rehearsal was a three weeks long research, until we found a couple of free hours every Saturday afternoon in a common rehearsal.

Then the name… that was faster: Green Arrows.

In the meantime a lot of things happened: line-up changes, style evolutions, the release of 7 albums, video clips and hundreds of gigs….. but the Green Arrows never stops its run.

So now we want to celebrate these 20 years of passion and dedication.

For the next months of the 2019 we will announce a series of initiative that will make this anniversary a year-long party.

Stay tuned, there will be news soon!


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