The band was founded in the 1999 in Bolzano, city in the far northern Italy, from some young guys from the punk/hardcore scene of the city. [READ RELATED ARTICLE]

In the winter of 2000/01 the band won a festival that gave them the possibility to record a e.p. that procured a contract with the Italian independent label Vacation House Records.

In 2002, they came out with their first l.p. “The Sky“: the album collects all the songs written in the first years of activity of the band, where the guys tried to create their own style, combining all the different music styles that are spinning around the hardcore, but without taking a precise direction. [READ RELATED ARTICLE PT.1 & PT.2]

These experimentations seem to don’t convince the band, that after radical and numerous components changing, remains in a power-trio line-up.

In 2008, they came back to record a new l.p., “The Earth“, in which they tried to fix their style restricting the range of sonority between the east-coast hardcore and the crossover.

In 2010, they changed the label leaving the Vacation House Records for the Black Shirts Records, and in 2011, they released their third l.p., “Rising from a Burning Desease“: this new album signed the change in the style that brought the Italian band to modify the drafting of the songs for keeping them concrete and effective, clutching more closely their sound and leaving away the contamination with external genres outside hardcore.

The beginning of 2012 was distinguished with a line-up extension with the joining of a second guitarist and with the release of “Face the Truth“, their fourth studio l.p. This album confirmed the line settled with the previous record and becoming, for chronological and stylistic matters, the natural continuation of “Rising from a Burning Desease“.

In mid-2013, they released the fifth l.p. “One Life to Fight“, that contained an increasing of sonority of the guitars. The band moved away from the pure old-school style where the two guitars follow a common rhythm line, “detaching” one of it for giving them a lead line with harmonization on the new-school/post-hardcore way. In this work, the band enlarged the line-up with the joining of Rocca at bass that was left by Pav, who became the front-man.

During the promotion of the album, the line-up of the band affected a change with the moving of Divi to the bass and the entry of Migue at the lead guitar. Ending the One Life to Fight tour, the band concentrated on the writing and arrangement of a new l.p. “Our Reality“, that will be released in 2016, in which they followed amplifying the post-hardcore harmonization idea, joining it to a beatdown hardcore style, just strongly present in the last albums. [READ RELATED ARTICLE]

In the summer of 2017 a new single-track “Stick to my Beliefs” came out on the compilation “Punikoff Hört Rein Vol.1” released by P.C. Records. A related videoclip was published in the 19th anniversary of the band (6 march 2018).

In the same period the band announces officially of the endorsing received by 4 clothing band: Black Arrows, Pride France, Black Arrows and Start Today.

With the first two brands the collaborations started years before, but only in that summer the endorsement became official.

After the release of the video clip the band announces the writing of a new full album with the german label P.C. Records. The 28th of september 2018 “Live.Love.Burn.Die“, the first concept album of the band, is released.

In the same months, Rebel Records announces the reprinting of the 4 album released at first with Black Shirts Records, but with some adds:

Rising from a Burning Desease” and “Face the Truth” are released with complete new artworks and in add to “RfaBD” the track list is extended with 3 bonus tracks (original versions of 3 songs then released in “The Earth“). The label celebrates this artworks with a new dedicated line of 3 t-shirts centered on the art concept of the new graphics.

One Life to Fight” and “Our Reality” are released in digipack.

In the same day P.C. Records announces that “Live.Love.Burn.Die” will have a limited release of the album in digipack version.

The 2019 opened with the announce by Black Shirts Records of the reissue in vinyl of Rising from a Burning Desease” for march same year, for celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band and the 10th anniversary of the label. The LP will be released in three different colors: marble gray, brass yellow, black. [READ RELATED ARTICLE]

In the summer 2020, Marmo announced to the band his exit from the band. This sitaution changes the line-up moving Migue to the rhyhtm guitar and joining Ciachi to the lead guitar.

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