2016 – 2019: The current era

From the previous chapter

…and here the last (for now) chapter in the band’s history.

This period can be considered the one with more stability, where all what was made in the past comes to concreteness.
The 2016 and the first half of 2017 slipped away with the presentation gigs of Our Reality in all Europe.
Convinced from the style developed and its live impact, the band considered to focus on other collateral but vital aspects.


GA on the road : Pav – Marmo – Divi – Migue – Dave

The summer of 2017 was a flood of news.

The first thing that was fixed was the cooperation with four companies of clothes owned by friends across Europe. We believed and, to this day, we are even more convinced, that is essential to cross-support each other, we “work” for the same message and if we present ourselves together, the message will be spread stronger.
With Black Arrows, Pride France, Black Legion and Start Today (in order of “age of collaboration”) the cooperation has started since month, but nothing explicit was spoken.


GA live in Germany: Marmo – Divi – Pav – Dave – Migue

The second aspect was to create a new official video clip. It was 5 years that the band didn’t generate something new in front of a camera. So, they decide to take a brand-new song the just wrote some months ago for a compilation (e.n.: Stick to my Beliefs) and build a clip about it.


GA on the road: Marmo – Migue – Pav – Dave – Divi

The third aspect was less sentimental and more technical: the need of fix the “axes sound”.
The most important factor that influence the success of a performance is the material of the sound service. When possible, the best is to take with the guitars and bass amp. But if you travel by van, you can take with you everything you want, if you fly, you have only a small place for embark your stuff.
From that born the need to detect compact and light devices that can work as pre-amp and amp that can be putted in a bag.
The research took a bit, but the result was epic: a complete back-line set made by small but efficient devices that ensure the same powerful sound in every concert.


GA before the gig in Latina (I): Divi – Dave – Migue – Pav – Marmo

The fourth aspect was to write something new, not really about the musical aspect, but about the storytelling. So came the decision that the new album had to be a concept album. At the same theme, casually and without knowing the project, PC Records contacted the band proposing to release the next album under their label. According with Black Shirts Records, the new concept album will be released with the German label.


GA before the gig in Dresden (D): Marmo – Pav – Divi – Dave – Migue

Coming back to the video’s project. In the autumn took place the video shooting. The location, set design and lighting project was managed by company of friends of us (L’Ombra del Suono) while shooting, directing and editing was performed by Luca Massagrande.
The editing phase took some months and the final result came out in the first months of the next year.


GA on the “Stick to my Beliefs” set: Marmo – Dave – Pav – Divi – Migue

In the meantime, all the live activities were stopped due to focus on the album writing.
During the summer of 2018, came to life another project, the reprint of the last 4 album, a re-issuing with something more: different artworks, some bonus-track and different support. Rebel Records married the plan and produced the CDs.


Migue – Divi – Pav – Marmo – Dave

September 2018 became a month full of event: the release of the new album (Live.Love.Burn.Die), the presentation gig in Germany and the issue of the 4 re-print.

GA live in Germany: Marmo – Divi – Dave – Pav – Dave

During the resumption of the live activity, other aspects were fixed from the other side of the ocean:
Soultone Cymbals joined Dave in his endorsed artist roster and Our Fight Co. became the official U.S. dealer of Green Arrows.


GA live in Germany: Marmo – Divi – Pav – Migue

The flow of announcements didn’t stop in the 2019, Black Shirts Records came back in force with a new project with Green Arrows: the vinyl production of “Rising from a Burning Desease”.
A re-issue in LP of the first BSR-GA album, out in 3 different versions (marble gray, brass yellow and classic black) plus some numbered test pressing copies.


GA before the gig in Burgge (B): Marmo – Migue – Pav – Divi – Dave

Her closed 20 years of facts, gigs, albums, sacrifices and pledges.
For the next anecdotes, come and live our band.

One Family!

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