From our ‘hood: U-BOOT37

In the first appointment of from the ‘hood we told you the story of the guys of Black Legion, this week we want to tell you the story of our rehearsal “U-Boot37”.


For the dudes that has no confidence with the habits of a band, the rehearsal is seen only as a place where 4 – 5 stinky boys meets for strumming their instruments in their free night.
That’s not all. For a band that have the luck to have an own rehearsal, that place become their meeting point, their shelter from the shit of the daily life.
For us U-BOOT37 is more.

U-Boot37 is our musical workshop, where we try to compose our music, or we share with bands of our crew (No Prisoner and Istigazione) the places, instruments, idea and opinions.

U-Boot37 is our studio, where we record our albums and where we host bands of our friends the record their products. It’s the D.I.Y. laboratory of the ‘hood.

U-Boot37 is our shelter, where we see a movie, we drink a couple of beers and we leave all the shit of the daily routine outside of the door.


And now, is the incubator of our new album.
We are working hard for giving shape at this new creature, hoping that U-Boot37 will give us, like always in the past, its good influence.

Thank you for let us navigate on your bridge.
The U-Boot37 crew.

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