From our ‘hood: BLACK LEGION

With this rubric we want to tell you our world showing the stories of the dudes that collaborate us and their projects, the places of our where we live and where we play.


The first release is dedicated to BLACK LEGION.
This company is one of the 4 clothing co.s that endorse Green Arrows. The collaboration is the younger of the four (started in the July of 2017), but is so strong that it seems it borned 80 years ago.

The reason why we start from them is because they need your support. FB banned their page (I’ve got no words…..) and so they loosed all their contacts. So please, go on their page and put a click on the LIKE BUTTON.


Here some of their history (from the new FB page):

The thought:

The year is 2016 and after the last great war 80 years ago the signs of those hard times calls for another war. Our folk is betrayed, criminal gangs rule our neighborhoods and most of our people are sinking in cruel imperialistic lethargy. In our eyes those shambles are no longer acceptable! That’s why it matured a new idea to create something new – that was the birth of Black Legion!

The direction:

First layouts were created and rejected. Whom we want to reach? Obvious everybody who make a choice in favor of his identity and those who stands faithful to his fatherland. Those kinsmen who see behind the curtain and those ones who beliefs in a vision of a Europe of a Nations. Those, who stands for family, tradition and preservation of our culture. And those, who still don’t know to become a part of us.

The way:

Our first message „Defend Europe – family, folk, fatherland!“ was made public. That’s the spirit of Black Legion! Politically straight, but smart in a self-confident manner. Our messages will call the future on sophisticated textiles at social prices.

Black Legion, anno 2016


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