The G.A.’s world Part 3: A sea full of brothers

After the last episode on the label, in this last episode will talk to all the friends we have overseas. We will start with our official voice in the US, OurFigthCo. So if you need something of ours, releases, t-shirts (some produced only for the US-distro), just write to OurFightCo. It was the the January... Continue Reading →

The G.A.’s world Part 2: You are what you listen to

After the first episode about the endrosers, we will continue telling you our "adventures companions" in the musical production: the labels. Before talking about the ones which we are sharing our artistic path, we want start with the only label that produced our music and we are not collaborating anymore: Vacation House Records With Vacation... Continue Reading →

The G.A.’s world Part 1: The habit does make the monk

Years of rehearsals, stages, studios and airplanes have gone by, so we like to make a small new serie about the most important people that partecipated at the story and development of the band. For the first episode we like to talk about the companies that dress us in our adventures and in our all-day... Continue Reading →


Russian-Italian collaboration Honest & Green Arrows😎! Arduus animo vincit et prodest - "strong in spirit overcome and bring benefits." In the era of Ancient Rome, a rose hung over a meeting table and meant that there was nothing to bear beyond this table. Background - arrows with wings taken from the shield (scootim) of the... Continue Reading →

News from Mother Russia! H8NEST BRAND endorses GREEN ARROWS!

And so the circle closes: everything is done, the last piece of the puzzle is in its place. The GREEN ARROWS now is officially rapresented in the big Russia too! H8NEST BRAND from today endorses the band. Don't waste time, go on our page for the brand's coordinate or take it directly from the flyer... Continue Reading →

News from the family: SVASTONE enters in the GREEN ARROWS clan

The new season opens with a great news: The Ukrainian company enters in the pool of clothing companies that supports the Green Arrows Project. Welcome to SvaStone! Welcome in the clan!

20th anniversary T-Shirt out on Athens’ gig

For celebrating the 20th anniversary Green Arrows is proud to present the 20th anniversary T-Shirt: the graphic of the piece is cared and designed by Vlanze, the production and distribution (in exclusive) is managed by Pride France. The sale opening will be at the Athens' gig of the 6th of april and will proceed on... Continue Reading →

Green Arrows lands overseas: “Our Fight” is the new official G.A.’s dealer in the U.S.A.

That's something brutal!!!!!!!!! For all the guys from USA that asked us about how receive some of our stuff, now can answer you so: check this flyer out! We are proud to announce a collaboration with OUR FIGHT! The guys of Our Fight can provide to all our fans in the USA our last albums and... Continue Reading →

1999 – 2019: 20 years of Green Arrows

It seems yesterday: three guys between 16 and 18 years that were searching all across the city for fixing a rehearsal for giving birth to their band. Being honest, the first contact between the three original members and the first jam-sessions were in the end of the 1998..... but there was any idea for what... Continue Reading →

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