The G.A.’s world Part 2: You are what you listen to

After the first episode about the endrosers, we will continue telling you our “adventures companions” in the musical production: the labels.

Before talking about the ones which we are sharing our artistic path, we want start with the only label that produced our music and we are not collaborating anymore: Vacation House Records

With Vacation House Records and its spin-off SoulCraft Recordings we released our first two albums: The Sky and The Earth.

V.H.R. was (because now is out of business) a landmark in our city; they produced all the HC prospects of Bolzano, and so was for us.

The rapport wasn’t the best waited, just a commercial relationship based on money and no interest to develop the band. Ended our 2 albums deal we decided to cut all the contacts with them and change labe.

So we start our collaboration with Black Shirts Records. It is since Sandro founded the label that we want to collaborate with him; our “marriage” is near the 10 years old but it’s beautiful like the first day.

We have to be thankful with him, because he pushed us all around spreading Green Arrows name worldwide. Moreover with B.S.R. we organized things that we never thought feasable before, like the BSR Contest in Bolzano and the One Life to Fight tour in Italy (with pratically only midweek dates).

With B.S.R. we released Rising from a Burning Desease (CD and LP), Face the Truth, One Life to Fight and Our Reality.

In the 2018 we enlarged the family: after years of collaboration with Martin in the live presence in Germany, Rebel Records decided to propose us the reprint of the 4 B.S.R. album in a new version:
some bonus track for Rising from a Burning Deseas a new artwork pack always for R.f.a.B.D. and also for Face the Truth and the digipack version for One Life to Fight and Our Reality.

In the meanteam we where contacted from a PC Records, we knew the great work done by Steve and Yves through all these years, and so we loved to enlarge yet our family releasing with P.C.Rec our first concept album. So we entrusted our “all-life project” in the PC.Rec. hands: Live.Love.Burn.Die

Last but not least we like to mention OPOS Records.

At date we just never released any album with the guys of OPOS, but there are years and years that we were talking about to give birth to something together….. and this can be the right time.

Concluding, as with the guys of the clothing companies, we believe tha G.A. has to be a point of union in the scene. We won’t close our message with one or few channels, and we want that all channels (clothing, dealers, labels) can use G.A. for spreading their message too.
All for one and one for all – and all together for the cause.

In the next episode we will talk about our friends overseas.

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