The G.A.’s world Part 1: The habit does make the monk

Years of rehearsals, stages, studios and airplanes have gone by, so we like to make a small new serie about the most important people that partecipated at the story and development of the band.

For the first episode we like to talk about the companies that dress us in our adventures and in our all-day life. Like as in all respectable stories, we start from the beginning.

Year 2013, some guys of our crew with the passion of the clothings and artworks decided to try to produce their ideas; to transfer on the cloth their projects.
So it came to life START TODAY.

We can’t say when the roads of Green Arrows and Start Today intertwined, we can consider it a a natural cooperation. Still today, if you come to our merch desk at the gig you can find a common space for G.A. and S.T., and so it will always be.

Let’s move forward a couple of years.
We are preparating for a gig that would take place some weeks later in Milano (Italy) and we receive message from a common friend if we were interessed to use the t-shirts of a company of one of his friend during the gigs.

Since that day we never reasoned about stable partnership, but for sure accepted without thinking twice. One of our dogma is that in the scene we have to help us eachother, spreading the idea, products and name of the other projects.

That’s the reason why we always increase the numbers of collaboration without closing none; we want to be a meeting point and showcase to all are interested.
So that night in Milano we marked our international collaboration joining our fate to that great guys from Boemia.
Only a couple of months passed by and we received another message, this time arrived from the France.

It was our brother Tomasz of PRIDE FRANCE: that day he enteres in the G.A. Family and we entered in the Pride France family.
I can’t say how many projects we shared together, but the ones we are very proud of, is when we join our forces for the foundrising for POWs, like with our 20th anniversary Tshirt GA&PF.

For the continuation of the episode we have to move to july 2017. Location: middle of Germany. We were ther to performing in “Rock für Deutschland”, the location was very interesting, the audience was numerous, except the rainy weather all incined for a great day. And so it was.

Our brother Martin (Rebel Records) came to us proposing a t-shirts exchange with some friends of him. Those his friends exposed to us their project, BLACK LEGION, we liked it and we want to take part to it. In these years of cross-support we have a lot to thank the german guys, but the greatest surprise they made us was creating their line “Bolzano Division”. We love that t-shirt!

Endorsment after endormsemt we arrive at the near past.
Mid 2019 we receive a message from the Russia presenting a new brand: H8NEST.
We liked a lot the way of thinking a the goals of Mikhail, the chief of the company, so we liked to start a collaboration togehter, so liked to give birth to a new partnership.
The first project shared was the a G.A. dedicated t-shirt that we inaugurated at the Hammer Nation 2019 in France.

And finally, but only for chronological duty, the last endorsement we agreed: SVASTONE.
The guys from Ukraina don’t need to be presented, their company is one of the most known in the scene.

With all our brothers that are wearing us in our struggle, we wish you to overcome this period of trouble and became stronger and greater. We have a mission to complete togehter.

This time “The habit does make the monk”, we are the monk, you are our habit.
Green Arrrows – Start Today – Black Arrows – Pride France – Black Legion – H8nest – Svastone

continues in the 2nd episode

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