News from the endorsing side: Dave is a Soultone Cymbals official artist!

So it is.... GA's crew is getting larger and larger...... and this time the enlistment came from the hardware's side. Green Arrows and Soultone Cymbals decide to cross their ways! From today the GA's sound will be more agressive with the effort of one of the most appreciated american cymbals manifacturer. This is the new... Continue Reading →

2018’s Reprint celebrating T-Shirts!

Well, well, well.... I'll come straight to the point: for celebrating the 2018's reprints we, with the collaboration of Rebel Records, want to create some new stuff. And so here 3 different kind of T-Shirts, 1 for Rising from a Burning Desease reprint, and 2 (one on red background and the second on blue background)... Continue Reading →

PRIDE FRANCE vs Facebook

This will be a small comunicate. Facebook admins closed PRIDE FRANCE page, the guys has to restart with re-generating all contacts. Please help them visiting their FB page and click on the LIKE button. Thank you in advance G.A.

New Album, Old brothers, common targets.

This world shows us ony short lasing relations. This society teaches us to "catch the moment", without caring to the people around us. The modernity gives to us only frivolousness. But we are men of another era, we believe in eternal brotherhoods, we keep the blood ties. And so, with the new album we want... Continue Reading →

From our ‘hood: BLACK ARROWS

After a small pause, this monday we will come back with the "From our 'hood" rubric, and we would to highlight you the guys of┬áBlack Arrows. The collaboration between us and this crew of the Czech republic is the longest rapport of cross-support we have with a clothes brand. It seems yesterday that we had... Continue Reading →

From our ‘hood: PRIDE FRANCE

This week we want to highlight to you PRIDE FRANCE. This clothing company is one of the four that wears the crew of G.A., as the name said, they are from France, and the brotherhood that has taken place between the band and the guys of P.F. is fixed from a couple of years ago.... Continue Reading →

From our ‘hood: BLACK LEGION

With this rubric we want to tell you our world showing the stories of the dudes that collaborate us and their projects, the places of our where we live and where we play. The first release is dedicated to BLACK LEGION. This company is one of the 4 clothing co.s that endorse Green Arrows. The... Continue Reading →

Stick to my Beliefs

There are 3 weeks that "Stick to my Beliefs" is online. We want to renew our thanks to Luca Massagrande for the patience on the set and in the mixing studio, to the guys of L'Ombra del Suono for preparing a so amazing light set and scenography, and obviously to our endorsing companies for the... Continue Reading →

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