The G.A.’s world Part 3: A sea full of brothers

After the last episode on the label, in this last episode will talk to all the friends we have overseas.

We will start with our official voice in the US, OurFigthCo.

So if you need something of ours, releases, t-shirts (some produced only for the US-distro), just write to OurFightCo.

It was the the January of the 2019 when we came in contact, we understood quickly that our paths had to interweave.

So after a very short period (just to organize ourselves) we fixed our cooperation: January the 30th we announce officially our “marriage”.

Coming to the point, if you want something of GA or something from our endorsers and you are in North America, just write to OurFightCo, it’s like you write to us!

But, our friends worthy of mention don’t ends here.

We have to be thankful for all the support received from the various radio podcasts in the US (and all the great guys in their organisations, primarily JHate and Mark), we have to be thankful to Tinnitus Records and last but not least to R.A.M.

The list can goes on for pages and pages….

So our best desire is to meet you all “live” and share some time together, we know that has always been missing a little for organising a G.A. date in the U.S.A., we promise that we will do our best to fix it and coming to you for party together!


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