Welcome back people! In a Telegram channel we found published this 'our' live album. To be fair to the labels we are working with, we would like to point out that this is not our own production or initiative and nobody asked for our permission. Coming to the point, this is not a post to... Continue Reading →

The G.A.’s world Part 2: You are what you listen to

After the first episode about the endrosers, we will continue telling you our "adventures companions" in the musical production: the labels. Before talking about the ones which we are sharing our artistic path, we want start with the only label that produced our music and we are not collaborating anymore: Vacation House Records With Vacation... Continue Reading →

BETWEEN THE ALBUMS: The hidden link between “Our Reality” and “Live.Love.Burn.Die”

Maybe what's follow is the most symbolic artwork that's representing the connection between this two last album of the band Even if the concepts and the themes don't seems to be closed related, Live.Love.Burn.Die is a mind reorganisation of what was impulsively expressed in Our Reality. Due that we would to give a connection between... Continue Reading →

Old but Gold: RISING FROM A BURNING DESEASE on LP – out in March!

20th anniversary's bomb nr.2: Green Arrows goes on vinyl! And it comes with a sensational comeback, Black Shirts Records, for its 10th anniversary reissues in LP Rising from a Burning Desease. BSR and GA would to celebrate together their decennial anniversaries with the releasing in vinyl of the album that starts the collaboration between the... Continue Reading →

HEAVY REPRINTS WITH NEW DRESSES: Let’s make new the old gems!

Yes….. We did it! Due to satisfy the request we decided to reprint all the last 4 albums. We can do it easy and put in reprint the old files, BUT, we hate the easy things and so we decide to generate something new. Let see what's new: OUR REALITY & ONE LIFE TO FIGHT... Continue Reading →

Live.Love.Burn.Die mock-up!

  The 29th of september is every day closer. We want to give you one anticipation more before the release. Click on the video here below and listen to a muck-up of some album's song.   Here below the video clip of the song nr.8 of the album "Stick to my Beliefs" released in... Continue Reading →

From the U-Boo37 studio: backing voice 3rd session and choirs 2st session recap

It's done!!!! It's done!!!! So guys, Yesterday evening we finished the last two missing session. Everything that has to be recorded, was recorded! The first session was the one dedicated to the backing vocals of Divi. So his voice goes to complete the backing vocals set with the ones of Migue and Marmo. 90 minutes... Continue Reading →

From the U-Boo37 studio: backing voice 2nd session and choirs 1st session recap

The fun is started: choirs sessions are began! The choirs are one of the characteristic aspects of the hardcore, technically is one of the easier thing to do and when come the time to do record them in studio, it's always a party. It's a party because all the guys of the band and of... Continue Reading →

From the U-Boo37 studio: melodic and backing voice 1st session recap

Other session made, other jigsaw that toke place in the puzzle. Yesterday night we complete the melodic session of the main voice (12th track of the album) and the backing vocals of Migue. Now we have only a couple of nights in the studio for completing the recording sessions. In a very short time we... Continue Reading →

From the U-Boo37 studio: main voice session recap

We can say it loud! Now, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Last night we took all the main voice tracks of the album. The recording session ran as planned, and Pav completed in one session all the work. Now, after a small work of editing we will come back... Continue Reading →

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