2016 – 2019: The current era

From the previous chapter …and here the last (for now) chapter in the band’s history. This period can be considered the one with more stability, where all what was made in the past comes to concreteness. The 2016 and the first half of 2017 slipped away with the presentation gigs of Our Reality in all... Continue Reading →

A black rising sun: 2011-2016 the BlackShirtsRecords era

From the previous chapter After the release of the first album with Black Shirts Records, the band decided to continue the fix and formalize some strong collaborations. Given the strong assistance in the drawing up of the last album, Divi became an official member of the band: after 6 years the band returned with a... Continue Reading →

The glares before the dawn: 2009-2011 – The need of “Rising from a Burning Desease”

From the previous chapter. After the first years of turbulence and the release of The Earth, everything seemed to flow without unpleasant surprises; the line-up was fixed from a fistful of years and the band’s chemistry was at top (the stillness can really be richly appreciated only after a long storm). G.A. live: Marmo -... Continue Reading →

Slipping from “The Sky” to “The Earth”: Green Arrows’ “high middle age”

From the previous chapter. After the first convulsive period of the band, divided between a very dense live activity and numerous line-up changes, The Sky “came to life”. It’s the beginning of 2003, while the band was planning the presentation of the album, another nuisance was popping up from the corner: Secco needed to leave... Continue Reading →

From the first gig to the first album: Part 2

From part 1 The month after we played at the party with the all the others 6 winner bands. We just ripped to Eng his help for the recording sessions in studio, but after that we were bare, we needed a drummer for the future. Party gig of the contest's winner: Marmo - Eng -... Continue Reading →

From the first gig to the first album: Part 1

Last week we told you how went the epopee of our first gig, now we want the recount the path that took us to the release of our first album: The Sky. From these two milestones it passed almost 4 years. For years full of events, gigs, evolutions and line-up changes. After the first gig,... Continue Reading →

06-03-1999 – The first Green Arrows’ gig

Today is the 6th March. In this day of the year, 20 years ago we performed our first gig. The 6th March is for us the really "anniversary-day" of the band, because in our idea, a band "borns" the first day that tramples on a stage. Everything that happened before is like a gestation matured... Continue Reading →


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