A black rising sun: 2011-2016 the BlackShirtsRecords era

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After the release of the first album with Black Shirts Records, the band decided to continue the fix and formalize some strong collaborations.
Given the strong assistance in the drawing up of the last album, Divi became an official member of the band: after 6 years the band returned with a two guitars’ line-up, splitting the lead lines to Divi and remaining with the rhythm lines to Marmo.

First Divi’s GA gig nearby Bolzano: Divi – Pav – Marmo

The expansion of the formation inspired the guys to reopen the writing phase composing new songs playing with the new possibility given.
In a couple of moths an entire album was developed.

In the meantime, the band participated with a new project of the crew: the MAS250.
MAS250 was a building, close to Bolzano, where further to apartments for comrades in difficulty, was organized a concert hall.

At least once a month a party was taking place, mostly were HC, metal or rock concerts, but sometimes were disco or pool party. Substantially was the club of the crew.


no-stage-gig in Verona: Divi – Pav

Coming back to the album, in the spring of 2012, BSR released “Face the Truth”, the fourth album of Green Arrows.

The promotion of the album was impregnated with the MAS250 project. In the concert hall’s inauguration concert, were shot the takes for the “Paper Bullets” official video.
The month after, using as scenography some other rooms of the building, was also completed the clip of “Watch at my Face”.

During the presentation tour of the album, the band recognized that with the current line-up the stage presence was limited. Every time that Pav wanted to involve the public, moving from the mic’s boom he needed to choose between holding the microphone (quitting to play the bass) or continuing to play the bass (quitting to sing).


G.A. live in Greece: Pav – Divi

So, for avoid limiting the rapport with the attendance or jeopardizing the song execution, the guys decided to confide the bass playing to Rocca (one guy of the crew), permitting to Pav to sing e move on the stage.


G.A. live: Marmo – Pav – Rocca – Pav – Dave – Divi

In the summer of the same year, the BSR with the collaboration of the U-Boot37 & MAS250 crew, decided to organize a great HC contest. So, in the autumn took place in the MAS250 a gig with 6 different bands (Green Arrows, No Prisoner, Still Burnin’ Youth, Drizzatorti, Ribelli d’Indastria, Blind Justice) and attendance from all places of Europa. Further to the classic merch corner and food&drink service, was organized a tattooing room and a complete system of cameras and a second line for the audio in order to record all the contest and create a documentary of the night. Unfortunately the Hard disk of PC containing all the files broke, losing all the audio tracks, forcing to abandon the documentary project.


BSR concest: Marmo – Pav – Dave – Divi – Rocca (and a lot of other guys…….)

With the begging of the year after (2013) Green Arrows returned back to studio, composing and recording a new album. In the October of that year BSR released “One Life to Fight”, the fifth album of the band.
The promotion was concentrated in a small 4-days-tour shared with Still Burnin’ Youth that crossed Bolzano, Torino, Ascoli Piceno and Roma.


BSR concest: Pav – Marmo – Rocca – Divi

After some other gig in the end of that year, the band took a small pause period due familiar need.
In that time Rocca left the band.

For keeping the same line-up, the guys asked to Migue to enter in the band. He just helped the band taking the place of absent components in a couple of concerts. So Divi moved on the bass leaving the lead guitar lines to Migue.

At the resumption of the activities the band restarted the promotion of the album with gigs across Europe until the end of beginning of the 2015.


G.A. live in Rock’A’Forte: Marmo – Divi – Pav – Migue

At the end of February of the 2015 Dave transferred for almost one year to Australia.
The band had to quit the live activity and spent that year composing and recording a new album.
The technology helped a lot the band sharing the actualized status of the works with Dave in the other side of the world.
In the February of 2016 “Our Reality” was released.
The band restarted their live activity promoting the album with a gig in Milano (where they performed the last one the year before).
The funny thing was that their never tried the songs together, Dave arrived from the Australia just the day before of the gig, jumping on stage at half performance playing the last part of the tracki list (the first part was performed by Edo of Still Burnin’ Youth).


Dave’s comeback gig in Milano: Marmo – Dave – Pav – Divi – Migue

Here closed the era of album produced in first release by BSR.
It was the most prolific period of the band (4 albums in 6 years), with a lot of interesting initiatives (MAS250, the contest and the 4-days-tour) and the return of the line-up in a 5-man formation.
At the end of the discourse, the albums of that era can be seen like a unique path:
Rising from a Burning Desease / Face the Truth / One Life to Fight / Our Reality.

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