2016 – 2019: The current era

From the previous chapter …and here the last (for now) chapter in the band’s history. This period can be considered the one with more stability, where all what was made in the past comes to concreteness. The 2016 and the first half of 2017 slipped away with the presentation gigs of Our Reality in all... Continue Reading →

20th anniversary T-Shirt out on Athens’ gig

For celebrating the 20th anniversary Green Arrows is proud to present the 20th anniversary T-Shirt: the graphic of the piece is cared and designed by Vlanze, the production and distribution (in exclusive) is managed by Pride France. The sale opening will be at the Athens' gig of the 6th of april and will proceed on... Continue Reading →

The glares before the dawn: 2009-2011 – The need of “Rising from a Burning Desease”

From the previous chapter. After the first years of turbulence and the release of The Earth, everything seemed to flow without unpleasant surprises; the line-up was fixed from a fistful of years and the band’s chemistry was at top (the stillness can really be richly appreciated only after a long storm). G.A. live: Marmo -... Continue Reading →

Slipping from “The Sky” to “The Earth”: Green Arrows’ “high middle age”

From the previous chapter. After the first convulsive period of the band, divided between a very dense live activity and numerous line-up changes, The Sky “came to life”. It’s the beginning of 2003, while the band was planning the presentation of the album, another nuisance was popping up from the corner: Secco needed to leave... Continue Reading →

1999 – 2019: 20 years of Green Arrows

It seems yesterday: three guys between 16 and 18 years that were searching all across the city for fixing a rehearsal for giving birth to their band. Being honest, the first contact between the three original members and the first jam-sessions were in the end of the 1998..... but there was any idea for what... Continue Reading →

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