Back to Budapest!

After 3 years we return back to Hungary!The “Holy Oath” presentation tour will stop in Budapest! The 29th of April we will share the stage at the Brutal Hardcore Night with three local bands: Jogos Önvédelem, Vérszerződés and Fehér Törvény. More information will be shared in short.

Here we come Bulgaria!!!

Hi brothers! For the moment we can’t disclose much more… but this year we will perform our first gig in Bulgaria! At date the lineup is not unveiled, the only other band that is shown on the flyer is Bronson from Rome. Stay tuned for news!!!!

March, the 4th 2023 – Back in Verona!

Here we go! After a 2022 that saw us return to hitting the stages of Germany and Italy, with 2023 we pick up where we left off! March. saturday the 4th, we will play with HfB in Gradus Club (via dell'Industria, 24/d) in Verona! Guys, this club is fire and it's gaining a very place... Continue Reading →


Welcome back people! In a Telegram channel we found published this 'our' live album. To be fair to the labels we are working with, we would like to point out that this is not our own production or initiative and nobody asked for our permission. Coming to the point, this is not a post to... Continue Reading →

Winterstorm 2020 drum-cam collection

Here a subjective way of live a concert: from Winterstorm 2020 here a small collection of videos frome the Dave's drum-cam REVENGE AND PRIDE ONE LIFE TO FIGHT DEFEND YOUR LAND COMING HOME

Festung Budapest 2020 video collection

After the photo recap of the gig in Budapest, here some video of the life performance Live.Love + Burst Down + Twenty and More Pains Reborn Full in Shame Keep the Flame Alive Our Reality Revenge and Pride Burn.Die Gotta Go (Agnostic Front cover) Blistered (Strife cover)... Continue Reading →

Propatria fest 2019 video collection

Here the compilation of all the videos from the gig of the last April in Athens. Check 'em out! LIVE.LOVE + BURST DOWN (performance video) FULL IN SHAME (performance video) REBORN (performance video) TWENTY AND MORE PAINS (picture video) KEEP THE FLAME ALIVE (picture video) OUR VOICES, OUR HEARTS (picture... Continue Reading →

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