From the U-Boo37 studio: backing voice 3rd session and choirs 2st session recap

It’s done!!!! It’s done!!!!

So guys, Yesterday evening we finished the last two missing session.
Everything that has to be recorded, was recorded!


The first session was the one dedicated to the backing vocals of Divi. So his voice goes to complete the backing vocals set with the ones of Migue and Marmo.

90 minutes of screams and the jobs was done!

The second session was made by the 3rd choir Group (Marmo, Dave, Divi and Migue).
Another hour of vocal blast and the business was closed!

Now every single track is sent to the sound engineer for the mix and master.

Stay tuned, in the next days we will give some preview about titles, lyrics and small audio files.

Take care of yourselves

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