Holy Oath Cover: what’s behind the change

As you some of you may remember, all the first part of "Holy Oath" lanch was made with this cover: But in the last days it moved to this one: Well... the story is the following:before the production of the booklet was kicked-off we where stopped due "inappropriate content" in the cover.Honestly, we were very... Continue Reading →

I WILL NEVER FALL video Première

Finally here we go!Tomorrow h18.00 (CET-Zone) the new video clip will be out! Sign in the première for activating the reminder and enjoy the new work of Filippo Castaldini. And if you haven't already done, subscribe also to the GREEN ARROWS' YouTube channel! https://youtu.be/5FuUEwBwy2I

Opera nr8: HOLY OATH

There was a long period of silence.There was a long period where we stayed away from the stages.There was a long period where we didn't hear from each other. It was the silence before the storm: this past year we have been writing and recording our eighth studio album: HOLY OATH Here some video recap... Continue Reading →

Fix the date: 30th November 2019 – 20th anniversary party!!!!!

After months of silence we are coming back with a bag of projects and news. Our disappearance from the communicative world helped us to give the focus on a bit of ideas that we would realize. The first one was to set up our 20th anniversary party. The date is decided: 30th November 2019. The... Continue Reading →

LIVE.LOVE.BURN.DIE: time to set up the show

In around two months Live Love Burn Die will be released and presented in tour all across Europe (dates and places will be revealed in a short time). Here some videos of the set up of the show https://instagram.com/p/Bl8nk1sBAkK/ https://instagram.com/p/Bl8qLAWH6sG/ https://instagram.com/p/Bl8stmcAAFS/

From the U-boot37 studios: We catch back the instruments! Let’s start trying the songs of the new album!

Yes, that day has to come! All the "paranoia" of the recording sessions are quite at the end. The album is in the final sessions of mixing and mastering, artworks are half done.... it lefts only to learn the parts together! And so we yesterday night we went to Uboot37 Studios for some try-outs. That's... Continue Reading →

From the U-Boo37 studio: backing voice 3rd session and choirs 2st session recap

It's done!!!! It's done!!!! So guys, Yesterday evening we finished the last two missing session. Everything that has to be recorded, was recorded! The first session was the one dedicated to the backing vocals of Divi. So his voice goes to complete the backing vocals set with the ones of Migue and Marmo. 90 minutes... Continue Reading →

From the U-Boo37 studio: bass second (and last) recording session recap

And this is done too! Yesterday night Divi recorded the remaining bass tracks of the album. Everything runs as planned and we are looking forward to close the instrumental part of the new songs not later than the end of may. So next week we will perform the preproduction session for the lead guitar and... Continue Reading →

From the U-Boo37 studio: bass first recording session recap

After a couple of weeks of pre-production, yesterday night we came back in the studio for recording the bass tracks of the first session of songs. It was a greet night for us, because was the first time that Divi played back his bass guitar after the surgical operation. As planned we took all 5... Continue Reading →

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