Holy Oath Cover: what’s behind the change

As you some of you may remember, all the first part of "Holy Oath" lanch was made with this cover: But in the last days it moved to this one: Well... the story is the following:before the production of the booklet was kicked-off we where stopped due "inappropriate content" in the cover.Honestly, we were very... Continue Reading →

I WILL NEVER FALL video Première

Finally here we go!Tomorrow h18.00 (CET-Zone) the new video clip will be out! Sign in the première for activating the reminder and enjoy the new work of Filippo Castaldini. And if you haven't already done, subscribe also to the GREEN ARROWS' YouTube channel! https://youtu.be/5FuUEwBwy2I

HOLY OATH – tracklist

Hi guys! Here unveiled the HOLY OATH tracklist! 01 - IT WILL FALL02 - IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH03 - YOUR DECAY04 - SURROGATE05 - REVOLT06 - PURITY LOST07 - HOLY OATH08 - I WILL NEVER FALL09 - BLACKENED10 - SCIENCE IS YOUR NEW GOD11 - THE CALL12 - ETERNITY Twelve songs denouncing the moral decay of... Continue Reading →


GREAT NEWS!!!!Finally our summer efforts will be shared to all of you! The 28th of October OPOS Records will release our 8th album "HOLY OATH" and as for anticipation we will anticipate you the single track "I WILL NEVER FALL" with its video clip! The planned date for the official video publication is the 14th... Continue Reading →

New video shooting – Recap from behind the scenes

The new album is on its way to being released and as if on cue, scenes are being shot for the video of the song chosen as the single. The song chosen is "I Will Never Fall", the eighth track of "Holy Oath", the filming is taken care of by our brother Pippo and the... Continue Reading →


As announced, we will release our eighth album HOLY OATH on OPOS Records this autumn. Here two further steps in the discovery of the LP. THE ALBUM TEASER https://youtu.be/PeTOe6vlrt8 THE TRACK LIST 01. It Will Fall02. Ignorance Is Strenth03. Your Decay04. Surrogate05. Revolt06. Purity Lost07. Holy Oath08. I Will Never Fall09. Blackened10. Science Is Your... Continue Reading →

Opera nr8: HOLY OATH

There was a long period of silence.There was a long period where we stayed away from the stages.There was a long period where we didn't hear from each other. It was the silence before the storm: this past year we have been writing and recording our eighth studio album: HOLY OATH Here some video recap... Continue Reading →


Welcome back people! In a Telegram channel we found published this 'our' live album. To be fair to the labels we are working with, we would like to point out that this is not our own production or initiative and nobody asked for our permission. Coming to the point, this is not a post to... Continue Reading →

New interview on BreathingTheCore

Hi mates! The guys of BreathingTheCore made us a very interesting interview. Surf on their webpage and discover tons of awesome bands may you never heard before. Here the link of the page: http://www.breathingthecore.com/2020/05/interviews-green-arrows.html

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