From the U-Boo37 studio: backing voice 3rd session and choirs 2st session recap

It's done!!!! It's done!!!! So guys, Yesterday evening we finished the last two missing session. Everything that has to be recorded, was recorded! The first session was the one dedicated to the backing vocals of Divi. So his voice goes to complete the backing vocals set with the ones of Migue and Marmo. 90 minutes... Continue Reading →

From the U-Boo37 studio: melodic and backing voice 1st session recap

Other session made, other jigsaw that toke place in the puzzle. Yesterday night we complete the melodic session of the main voice (12th track of the album) and the backing vocals of Migue. Now we have only a couple of nights in the studio for completing the recording sessions. In a very short time we... Continue Reading →

From the U-Boo37 studio: lead guitar second and last recording session recap

So was planned, and so ran it! Last night Migue completed his recording session taking the last lead guitar tracks and the solos of the album. So now the main instrumental side of the album is almost completed. Now we have only to wait the editing job of the sound engineer and we can have... Continue Reading →

From the U-Boo37 studio: lead guitar first recording session recap

And the first recording session of the lead guitars is done! All ran like planned in the pre-production briefing session. Execution and expressiveness came out like wished. Now, after a small work of editing, we can consider 6 songs completed from the instrumental side. Obviously the sounds of the single instruments has still to be... Continue Reading →

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