BETWEEN THE ALBUMS: The hidden link between “Our Reality” and “Live.Love.Burn.Die”

Maybe what’s follow is the most symbolic artwork that’s representing the connection between this two last album of the band


Even if the concepts and the themes don’t seems to be closed related, Live.Love.Burn.Die is a mind reorganisation of what was impulsively expressed in Our Reality.

Due that we would to give a connection between this two albums.
That link are the last song of Our Reality and the first song of Live.Love.Burn.Die.
The guitar theme is the same, adjusted and fitted for the amabiences of the new album.

In “The Beginning” the song would to take you into an urban dawn (as represented in the cover of the album), starting from sorrounding noises the main guitar theme starts to come out, then other guitars embrace the main theme with a rullopresso of snare, simulating the power of the light of a dawn:

In “Live.Love” the sonority is completely different, dark and gloomy (as represented in its cover of the album too): here the song started too with ambient noises, with some background voices, the same guitar theme of “The Beginning” starts, but with some adjustments. We passed from the dawn to a sunset, not panoraming and comforting, but disturbing and turbolent. The sampling ends with the start of the real song, where the main theme, lightly accelerated continues for some beats:


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