HEAVY REPRINTS WITH NEW DRESSES: Let’s make new the old gems!

Yes….. We did it! Due to satisfy the request we decided to reprint all the last 4 albums.

We can do it easy and put in reprint the old files, BUT, we hate the easy things and so we decide to generate something new. Let see what’s new:

OUR REALITY & ONE LIFE TO FIGHT are produced on a new support. For this two productions we decided to release them in DIGIPACK!

FACE THE TRUTH  stays on the same format as the first release. BUT all artworks are brand new. all redesigned for the reprint!

RISING FROM A BURNING DESEASE is the one with more news. Like for Face the Truth, the artworks are completely redesigned. BUT the ads are not only in the artworks. At the track list we added 3 bonus track. 3 songs then released in The Earth, but recorded as demo version in 2004 with a band line-up different from the official line-up that then recorded the album in 2008.

Last, but not least, the big thank we want to give to REBEL RECORDS for having believed in this project. Thank you!!!

Catch these collection pieces!


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