Holy Oath Cover: what’s behind the change

As you some of you may remember, all the first part of “Holy Oath” lanch was made with this cover:

But in the last days it moved to this one:

Well… the story is the following:
before the production of the booklet was kicked-off we where stopped due “inappropriate content” in the cover.
Honestly, we were very surprised, but given the tight timeframe, we decided not to argue against it and turn to an alternative solution.

Let us hope that against a ‘blessing hand’ with a crown of thorns and nails is not a sign of a new iconoclasm, otherwise we would be waiting for the destruction of thousands of works of art and Christological representations.

By the way, we won’t leave the original symbological, and relate to us we like to report an excerpt from a fairly well-known text:

We have been indwelt by one Spirit and it will be easier for us not to fall prey to spiritual nails, which have nothing to do with the authority of the Word, the freedom of the Spirit and its revelation.

For this reason we like to produce in limited numbers, as separate artwork, the original cover, that we can provide with the CDs.


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