Green Arrows on Antisocial Zine

A message is efficient only if spread. And here our message, our history, our ideas are discussed with the guys of Antisocial Zine, from Poland. With the we faced a long interview speaking about our project and our music. Please go on their fb page (click here), read the interview, "like" the page and order... Continue Reading →

The weekly suggested video: GREEN ARROWS – Paper Bullets

This week we want "to play an home game" and suggest to you one video of our videography: Paper Bullets. It is the oldest video we released (another one was shooted but not completed and published), made on a song of "Face the Truth" album. The clip is a mix of images from a... Continue Reading →

Stick to my Beliefs

There are 3 weeks that "Stick to my Beliefs" is online. We want to renew our thanks to Luca Massagrande for the patience on the set and in the mixing studio, to the guys of L'Ombra del Suono for preparing a so amazing light set and scenography, and obviously to our endorsing companies for the... Continue Reading →

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