DISCOVERING L.L.B.D: 4st episode: Chapter nr3 – My War

In this episode we will go through the concept of the third trilogy of songs, the ones regarding the chapter about the own life’s war.

Song nr 8: Stick to my Beliefs

The sonority is more strict respect the previous chapter, the atmospheres is a mix between the epical and the firm. Open and melodic choirs are alternated to palm-muted guitars and breakdowns.

The lyric takes another appearance than the previous chapters, now the topics covered are the one about the own beliefs, and the need to stick tight to them:

“I own my life, my minds run free, my hopes shine bright, I stick to my beliefs!…..”

The “My War” trilogy speaks of the struggles that a man has to face against the modern decadence, trying to defend his values and creeds, and this need are explained in this first song.

Song nr 9: I am Sacrifice

Here the theme goes more deep. The sound wants to highlight it with the reduction of attunements and the more grooving rhythm.

The lyric speaks about the consecration of themselves to became a sacrifice for the cause.

To give our own life to our beliefs.

“…..Can’t stand this fucked lie, I won’t accept any compromise: no!

‘cause there is not one reason convince me: Look me! Watch at me as I fight!………”

“……….For the day you’ll realize I became my sacrifice………..”

The song ends with a breakdown containing a psychotic restart, like the desperate consciousness of having become a sacrifice.

Song nr 10: Our Voice, Our Hearts

The chapter ends with a different sonority, an arrangement just not heard before in the album.

Guitars are playing wide and crepuscular melodies, the bass is spires with it bite, the drum is following the groove with decision and effectiveness

The lyric is following the mood speaking of the unity of intent in the struggles between comrades.

“……I can hear now in my head: OUR VOICES! OUR HEARTS!….”

and clear declarations of simple wishes

“……Nothing more I pretend from my fate: strength and worth for my actions!!…..”

The songs closed with choirs, that praise at a common intent, a common heart, a common voice.

And so closes the journey through the third chapter between the different faces of the own war: the need of being stacked to the beliefs, the declaration of elect themselves as sacrifice to the cause and the unity of intent with the other brothers in war.

So closed the last chapter. Stay tuned for the last episode about the closing of the album.


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