DISCOVERING L.L.B.D: 3st episode: Chapter nr2 – My Roots

In this episode we will go through the concept of the second trilogy of songs, the ones regarding the chapter about the own life’s roots.

Song nr 5: Keep the Flame Alive

The sonority is changing radically, the gloomy atmospheres leave the place in favour of more linear rhythms and a less complex development.

The lyric takes to complete different issues, leaving the introspective side for a declaration of identity:

“…..we carry the ancient’s flame….”

“….I know, we know, we’re last guardians of a faith…”

The first song of the “My Roots” trilogy speaks of the flame of passion and faith that burns in our souls. A passion that is a link to our roots, because this flame comes from the ancients, from their fights, and we have to keep it for our offspring.

This is the base of our identity, our fix point. We want to declare it.

Song nr 6: Guard my Way

Here the connection with the roots is not only given by the lyric but mostly with the sound.

For who knows Green Arrows from a long time can recognize as well a connection with the sonority with the very old album (that are our musical roots):

direct, essential, rude.

Over the aggressiveness of the sound, the lyric is developing this theme explaining the side more romantic of the camaraderie: the blind trust that has been putted in a comrade.

At first sight can’t seem that this is not talking about roots, but the listener has to consider the millenary tradition of the military brotherhoods, and the importance that have in our “circles”.

And so the request of the song are tight to that reasoning:

“…..comrades will guard my way……….”

“……….take my life with two whole hands, to make it right………..”

“……mad times are coming from hell, too many things to face with my friend…..”

Song nr 7: You Are the One

The chapter ends with a come back. The sounds of this songs resume the first song of the trilogy (Keep the Flame Alive)

What is standing out is the end of the song with open choirs that crowns a soulful breakdown.

From the lyric side, here we are talking of the last aspect of the Roots we want to develop: after the passion and the brotherhood we want to talk about the creed and the example of heroes that lives their life for this creed.

“……living as you know, shining of pride, shining like a sun…”

“……crowing stronger, following my heroes, chasing ’round my heart…..”


As said there is a soulful breakdown, that screams the manifesto of this chapter:

“…..I can’t stop singing – louder

like you break the chains

I can’t stomp the one

The one I want to be

fixing hard – one thing!



And so closes the journey through the second chapter between the different faces of the roots: the passing of the passion through the generations, the tradition of the camaraderie and the creed’s life examples .

Stay tuned for the next episode


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