DISCOVERING L.L.B.D: 5st episode: Outro

In this last episode we will go through the concept of the outro, and how we want to seal all the entire project with the right closing.

Song nr 11: Burn.Die

The title wants to give itself the idea: the name of the album is enclosed in the two songs at the end of the project and so if the opening track is called Live.Love, the closing one has to be Burn.Die.

And Burn.Die wants to close the discussion with an extended singalongs, that wants to summarize all the experiences through the 3 chapters, merging them in a single prayer.

A prayer of redemption.

The Death is not be seen as the end of a life but as a permission of rest granted by the fate: you can die not because you failed but because you finished your charge and you’re ready to give reports of your actions, waiting for the redemption and the permit of holding on.

The sonority is crepuscular, the guitars and the drums are giving the same atmosphere for the first half of the song, and the voice throws out all their moods in a uninterrupted singalongs.

My roughness…. Comes it from what I left; for shits met I must ate. It’s worth, I know, don’t care…………”

“…..My life! I’ve sacred all what mines for that scene I loved: all the joys, all the pains, it took all of mine!…..”

“…..My life! I’ve sacred all of mine for that scene I loved; stronger like the promise to your kids to coming home, and all the whole days I fought to be the better man that I can…..”

Around at the half of the song, the sonority changes, the drums plays discontinuous rhythm and the guitars splits in two different sonority. The rhythm guitar and the bass continue with a continuous carpet of chords. the lead guitar follows the drums with whistle or long-lasting single notes. The voice continues with the listing of own shortcomings, like a confession for asking a redemption

“….I’ve never thought that I tell you about this: I have just another fucked up term! All the plagues that are slapping my head…..”

Then after this intercalary the sonority takes back the initial mood but with a more emphatic voice that asks openly for being redeemed by the fire:

“…My shames will washed by fire! Redeems my soul, redeems my mind, redeems my fate, redeems myself…”

Then like to announce the end, the voice repeats the phrase contained in the beginning of the first song (Live.Love), like wants to shown that now everything can be accomplished:

“….I’ve never burned so! I’ve never burned before so deep inside….”

That then closed with the final choir, asking:

“…Now is time to die?”

With a flat ECG that concludes the song

Song nr 12: Defend you Land (acoustic version)

As bonus track, as crowning of the final of the concept album, we want to give something extra, adding an additional subsection with this song.

The song came from the previous album (Our Reality) and has been chosen because can summarize the main reason of our cause, and so the one of the reasons with which you can receive the permission of the eternal rest, as asked in the previous song.

The sonority chosen is very different from the rest (it’s a ballad), because it has to be extremely clear the detachment from the rest of the album (for that in the track list will not compare) and has to give a comforting mood, a good ambience for rest.

That’s all.

Listen, enjoy and feel Live.Love.Burn.Die.




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