The weekly suggested video: STILL BURNIN’ YOUTH – Settembre

This week we want to indicate a cover video. There is not too much to see, but this song is a masterpiece, and its worth to listen to it even if there is not a shooted video.

We are talking of Settembre, one of the last works of the NSHC band of Genova Still Burnin’ Youth

This song is contained in a three-bands-split album: SBY (obviously), Boris Britva and Beyond Hate.

The band is very close to us, not only because Migue is their voice and frontman, but because we shared a lot of our projects with them.

The bigger ones were the “Black Shirts Records HC contest” in Bolzano (october 2012) and the “One Life to Fight tour” (across Italy in september 2013). But on these two stories we will spend some articles in the future.


At now the band is “in pause” and in the waiting that they will come back on the stages their heritage is brought forward by Mai Morti.

Here in closure the discography of Still Burnin’ Youth:

  • The Flames of Hatred (LP 2008)
  • Generation X (split 2009)
  • NSHC is not Music, it’s a Family (LP 2010)
  • Italians do it Better (compilation 2010)
  • Keeping our Style (LP 2011)
  • Brucia Ancora (LP 2012)
  • The Weapon, the Corpse, the Reason (split 2014)

If you we made you to incur about these guys (as long as you don’t know them), listen in the web to some of their song and then buy their records.


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