DISCOVERING L.L.B.D: 3st episode: Chapter nr2 – My Roots

In this episode we will go through the concept of the second trilogy of songs, the ones regarding the chapter about the own life's roots. Song nr 5: Keep the Flame Alive The sonority is changing radically, the gloomy atmospheres leave the place in favour of more linear rhythms and a less complex development. The... Continue Reading →

Green Arrows on Antisocial Zine

A message is efficient only if spread. And here our message, our history, our ideas are discussed with the guys of Antisocial Zine, from Poland. With the we faced a long interview speaking about our project and our music. Please go on their fb page (click here), read the interview, "like" the page and order... Continue Reading →

New Album, Old brothers, common targets.

This world shows us ony short lasing relations. This society teaches us to "catch the moment", without caring to the people around us. The modernity gives to us only frivolousness. But we are men of another era, we believe in eternal brotherhoods, we keep the blood ties. And so, with the new album we want... Continue Reading →

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