HEAVY REPRINTS WITH NEW DRESSES: Let’s make new the old gems!

Yes….. We did it! Due to satisfy the request we decided to reprint all the last 4 albums. We can do it easy and put in reprint the old files, BUT, we hate the easy things and so we decide to generate something new. Let see what's new: OUR REALITY & ONE LIFE TO FIGHT... Continue Reading →

The weekly suggested video: GREEN ARROWS – Paper Bullets

This week we want "to play an home game" and suggest to you one video of our videography: Paper Bullets. It is the oldest video we released (another one was shooted but not completed and published), made on a song of "Face the Truth" album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UowC2LgmNw0 The clip is a mix of images from a... Continue Reading →

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