DISCOVERING L.L.B.D: 2st episode: Chapter nr1 – My Path

In this episode we will go through the concept of the first trilogy of songs, the ones regarding the chapter about the own life’s path.

Song nr 2: Burst down

The song is minimal, the attunements are so few as possible.

The lyric of the songs leaves no interpretations:

“…..My demons are tearing doubts….”

“….I am the first murder to me…”

Few meaningful verses for a short and compact song.

Everyone tried a fall in each own life. We won’t to explain how much your fall was deep.

But we want to take you back to that mood.

Song nr 3: Twenty and more Pains

After an initiatory path in intro and a “mood recall” in the opening song of the chapter,

this song will be more explicit.

The sound is more aggressive, the groove is penetrating and the voice embroiders feelings one behind the other without rest between them.

The lyric is brutal and takes you in a world of anguish:

“…..Buried in! It’s my dead, like sank in shit. ‘Cause see my bale: will never quit……….”

“……….every breath it’s a fist of nails………..”

We are taking the listener in the deep of a pit, where demons are charging and hitting him hard; where there is no breathable air and the hopes are gone.

There is full despair.

And when the lyric hitting more harder in your discouragement, the sonority opens in gloomy assonances between the two guitars.

Your demons are served you in your worst remembers.

Song nr 4: Reborn

But after every winding path there is the chink for a reborn.

Her the sounds are more compact and comforting. The groove is bully and the voice is reckless.

And so are the lyrics.

“……only from death I can born again…”

“……The only way out and don’t last there in, you have to find deep in yourself…”

With a manifesto screamed in choir in the breakdown:

while the guitars give free strings sounds, like a shout, the voices screams in unison

“Break down these walls!”

They scream the freedom from the demons of the previous abyss.

And so closes the journey through the first chapter between a complete evolution of a path: starting from a fall, passing through an abyss, ending with a rise.


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