DISCOVERING L.L.B.D: 1st episode: Concept and Intro

As wrote repeatedly, Live Love Burn Die is a concept album.

Since now we explained the partitions of the chapters and the main meaning of the entire work.

With today we want to start sharing all the feelings, sensations and moods behind the single chapters, not only with a enlightenment on the lyrics but with exposition on the sonority too.

This route is splitted in 5 episodes, reported in 5 subsequent posts.

Now that the “rules of engagement” are declared, we can start with first step:

Song nr 1: Live.Love

The concept behind the opening song is a mix between an “initiatory path” and a manifesto of what you will find through the album.

The initiatory path is given by the entire development of the song.

The beginning is given by dark background sound, with some sharp slashes.

After some seconds it will come in arches and a voice in background that declares the manifesto:

“I’ve never burned so….. I’ve never burned so deep inside”

The instrumental side will complete his climax with the entering of guitars and some industrial percussions, trying to convey the increasing of restlessness.

A voice in motion between the two channels declares the title of the album:

“Live Love Burn Die”

four words that are the two end of the proposed path.

So ends the first sampling and start the proper HC song, the guitars reproduce the same progression played from the arches but the tempo is higher, and the snare drums call the listener back to vitality.

The lyric is short and airtight, no turns of words, just some declarations that drives to the drop that explodes the final breakdown.

For sure not a song from canon, but a tool to set you in the right way to let the album speak to you.


Click here for going to the 2nd episode.

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