LIVE.LOVE.BURN.DIE – track list & concept of the album


it is an album thought like a book, divided in chapters, that tell all the aspects that a life in search for it mission, has to pass through, step by step

1. Live.Love

Every life has a love, a passion that moves this life to live and love the most strong experiences that can meet.

Chapter 1 – My Path:
2. Burst Down
3. Twenty and more Pains
4. Reborn

It’s the path of every soul that burns of passion has to pass:
At first comes the flame of passion that burns the spirit, then the pains that will hit up to the most deep and in the final new birth, like a resurrection, like a phoenix.

Chapter 2 – My Roots:
5. Keep the Flame Alive
6. Guard my Way
7. You Are the One

These are the aspects of the heritage that every identitary spirit has to face: the research of the flame of tradition, the need of camaraderie with the brothers-in-path and the examples of life to follow.

Chapter 3 – My War:
8. Stick to my Beliefs
9. I am Sacrifice
10. Our Voices, our Hearts

Once taken consciousness of the each path and roots, an identitary soul has to face its war, through the consistency to its beliefs, through being a sacrifice to the cause and through loyalty to the brohers-in-war.

11. Burn.Die

At the end of the own war, a soul that burns, has the permit of die. To rest from its duty.

12. Defend your Land (acoustic version)

A sweet redeeming song for the spirits burnt for the cause, for their lands.

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