Welcome back people! In a Telegram channel we found published this 'our' live album. To be fair to the labels we are working with, we would like to point out that this is not our own production or initiative and nobody asked for our permission. Coming to the point, this is not a post to... Continue Reading →

3rd recap from Athens’ gig

Here follows from the other recaps (1 - 2) other 2 live stage videos, a couple of audio tracks and pictures: Our Reality (stage live audio): Keep the Flame Alive (stage live audio):

LIVE.LOVE.BURN.DIE – track list & concept of the album

LIVE.LOVE.BURN.DIE it isĀ an album thought like a book, divided in chapters, that tell all the aspects that a life in search for it mission, has to pass through, step by step Intro: 1. Live.Love Every life has a love, a passion that moves this life to live and love the most strong experiences that can... Continue Reading →

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