20 years of lyrics: what’s behind those words?

It’s two decennials that we are producing songs, playing in the lyrics between metaphors and puns and killing the english grammar in the name of the “licentia poetica”.
After all we are always italian, and we are directed, since the primary school, to read and appreciate the poems and comedies of our historical writers.

Due our education we know that music is a form of poetry, and so we have to excite the listener not only through the sonority of the music but with the words too.
The cacophony of the sentences is more dreadful that a wrong grammatical structure.

We know that it isn’t understandable at the first listening, but we want to stimulate who decides to come in our songs, sometimes giving a multiple level of reading to our lyrics, a kind of exegesis.
Coming to the concrete, here some extracts of our most interesting explanations we gave in this years via interviews or social medias. Enjoy!

The Sky – The Earth:

The first two album are creating a common theme.
You can read the thing like something very common, like two components of the nature (precisely the Sky and the Earth) or two of the fourth elements (the air and the ground), but the deeper meanings come from a section of an old a complex idea “as above, so below”.
This sentence is contained in all the most important philosophical and esoteric essays that represents the relation and the correspondences between the material part and the spiritual part of the world.

Rising from a burning Desease:

The title of the first album, at first sight can show a orthographic mistake: “What the fuck…. they wrote Disease in a wrong way!!!”
So the first layer of meaning gives: “ The will heal from an illness. And maybe learn some English”.
However that “wrong E” wanted to be a sign that pushes the listener to investigate about that at first sight seems a “blunder”, but that wants to drive to a deeper level of reading.
Desease is an old words pun, it comes from the syncretism of two words: Desire and Disease.
So “Desase” shows the self-destructive madness of the will of being sick.
At the end of the reasoning the deeper meaning of the title is “the overcoming of the burning desire of being sick” or more explicitly “the overcoming of a depression”.
It’s like a HC transposition of the “Le Malade imaginaire” of Molière.
By the way, some clues were seeded in some album’s lyric like “Stand up for Rise back” and “Better Times”.


It’s summarize of a path of warrior, a militant one that lives his life through the inner evolution and daily struggles.
At the both ends of the life we have the two pillars that no one can escape: the birth and the death.
In the middle of these we have the experiences that give reason to that live.
A warrior lives everything with deep intensity and so he’s perennially in love with his struggles and burns of the passion for them.
So we have the birth, the experiences, the passion, the death: Live.Love.Burn.Die.

Green Arrows:

It’s a multiple metaphor.
Green as color has a lot of symbolic meanings, but the ones we considered for the band’s name were the two more close to the italian:
HOPE: like approached in the “Divina Commedia” of Dante Alighieri (which is the front cover of the first release of “Face the Truth”)
LIFE: like the original meaning of the italian words for green: verde (derived from the latin virĭdis, being alive).
Arrows is the multiplicity of the meaning of the arrow’s symbology: the aim to hit a target, to be the tool of a cause.
Therefore G.A. means “living for being the tool of a cause” & “hope to hit the target”: dedication & effectiveness / feeling & action / heart & brain……

Here we haven’t any esoteric or philosophy (sometimes we are “corporeal” too, ahahahh).
BZHC (or BZxHC) is just related to our city: Bolzano. BZ is the code of our territory. You can find in our addresses, in the driving plate and so on….. BZHC = Bolzano Hardcore.
BSHC (or BxSxHxC like the song in “Our Reality” or BSxHC) was a tribute to our historic label, Black Shirts Records, which is the landmark for the italian NSHC scene. So BSHC = Black Shirts Hardcore.

Paper Bullets:
The meaning of the song (contained in “Face the Truth”) is fully explained in the setting in of the lyrics. The “paper bullets” are the bills you have in your wallet. In this case the money are not taken in consideration like the tool for impoverish and corrupt like in “Burn all your Money” in “The Sky”, but as demonstration of a toxic economic system based on the entrapment of the nations by the investment banks.

God’s Mistake, Nike Laos & Warriors don’t Die:
The songs are dedicated at guys died prematurely:
God’s Mistake (bonus track in “The Sky” – ordinary track in “The Earth”) is dedicated to several guys of the local scene died due accidents.
Nike Laos (ordinary in “Rising from a burning Desease”) is dedicated to Nicolò, a guy of our crew, died due a heart congenital problems.
Warriors don’t Die (contained One Life to Fight) is dedicated to all the guys died for the cause. A special thought was dedicated to Dmytro.

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