G.A.’s interview on Label56 webpage

Interesting interview from the guys of Label 56 from the U.S..

Here the beginning of the article:

To say Green Arrows is just a hardcore band based out of Italy would be a mighty disservice to these fine gentleman.
I was late to the Green Arrows party unfortunately. I asked Rick at Label56 to recommend some good hardcore and he directed me towards Green Arrows. I am thankful he did.
Green Arrows are standard bearers of the European hardcore punk scene. These guys have a modern sound which must be incredible to witness live.  They blend heartfelt, to the point lyrics with great musicianship, subtle melodies and intense sing-a-longs.
Here is an interview that I did with Pav, lead singer.
Matthew:  Who are the members of the band and what are their roles?
Pav – main voice
Divi – bass + second voice
Marmo – rhythm guitar + background vocals
Migue – lead guitar + background vocals
Dave – drums
Matthew:  You guys have been around for a while. How many years exactly have you been playing as Green Arrows?
Green Arrows are playing on stages since the March of  1999, so, at date we turned off 20 candles on our birthday cake.  Going more precisely, March the 6th is for us the real “anniversary-day” of the band, because in our minds, a band is born the first day it tramples on a stage.Everything that happened before is like a gestation matured in the rehearsals.
This inauguration gig took place in our city, Bolzano, and was for a class of U.S. students visiting our town.  The premises were not the best.  We had only 1 week for preparing a track list and very little experience of a live performance (consider we were around 17 years old).

Continues on: https://www.label56.com/2020/01/green-arrows-interview-december-2019/


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