Hi mates,

the guys of Underground Revolution decides to interview the band. Here some extracts:

UR: You play mostly with political bands, but if I read over the texts of Green Arrows, I do not find there too much political content. Is Green Arrows a political band? Could you describe your views? Do You support any political organization?

GA: As band we support all organizations that fights for our cause, as single members we are all militant/activist/supporters of CasaPound Italia.
Coming back to our lyrics: we won’t to be “one band of many”, we like to give the aestethicts of the message trough metaphores and concepts, without being explicit.
For us this has a huge artistic value, and, in the meantime, can reach a larger public. In the end, the music is a tool for spreading to the higher number of person our cause, and in that way, we think, we will have a better diffusion.

UR: I saw several videoclips from Green Arrows which were very professional. Who edited the videos? Will You make a new video for the new album?

GA: The old videos were made by the Studio Zem, now the last were made with the collaboration of “L’ombra del suono” for the schenograpghy, lights and location and Luca Massagrande for the takes, direction and editing. Both are very good friend of us and our crew.
There is a project with the guys of “L’ombra del suono” to follow us as sound engineer in all our concerts across Europe…. let see what will happen.

If you want to read the complete interview please click on the links below:



If you want to read more from these guys here other references:

FB page –>

VK page –>

Enjoy it!


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