The weekly suggested video: MOSHPIT – Eternal Torch

This Friday we will suggest you the video of a NSxHC band from Germany, it’s one of the most devastating HC band in circulation, and we took the single track of their last album: the song calls Eternal Torch and obviously the band is Moshpit.

As wrote, they are one of the coolest NSxHC band circulating in Europe. If you love the scene, you can’t know this name. The band has a lot of history on the shoulders, they born in 2002 in the heart of Thuringia, Germany and they released a lot of masterpieces of the genre.

I don’t want to getting you bored telling all the info about this dudes, I just only suggest you to take 5 minutes of your life, close your eyes, and hear that song. Feel it inside.

If you enjoyed, also buy their new album, An Eternal Torch Can Light A Million, released by OPOS Records last year.

If you are a fetishist of vinyl, also check some collection pearl they gave out.

Now, quit reading this article and hear to that song.

Stay tuned for the next weekly suggested video

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