Festung Budapest 2020 video collection

After the photo recap of the gig in Budapest, here some video of the life performance Live.Love + Burst Down + Twenty and More Pains https://youtu.be/tOxu8F9UPA4 Reborn https://youtu.be/hOPX0gNwz-Y Full in Shame https://youtu.be/gMCnW5ce3t4 Keep the Flame Alive https://youtu.be/zvT1WA6mpSI Our Reality https://youtu.be/OjGAHLexGHs Revenge and Pride https://youtu.be/SusiAmP5hMo Burn.Die https://youtu.be/OcxJB3Q5BT4 Gotta Go (Agnostic Front cover) https://youtu.be/7_AhO6Oj7Uc Blistered (Strife cover)... Continue Reading →


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