Back to Budapest!

After 3 years we return back to Hungary!The “Holy Oath” presentation tour will stop in Budapest! The 29th of April we will share the stage at the Brutal Hardcore Night with three local bands: Jogos Önvédelem, Vérszerződés and Fehér Törvény. More information will be shared in short.

Festung Budapest 2020 video collection

After the photo recap of the gig in Budapest, here some video of the life performance Live.Love + Burst Down + Twenty and More Pains Reborn Full in Shame Keep the Flame Alive Our Reality Revenge and Pride Burn.Die Gotta Go (Agnostic Front cover) Blistered (Strife cover)... Continue Reading →

From Hungary pt.2: GREEN ARROWS live 20.10.2018 in Budapest

So guys, here the next stage of Live.Love.Burn.Die presentation. October the 20th we will introduce our album in Hungary! Take notice and come to Budapest and enjoy our first gig ever in Hungary! With us on the stage will perform three Hungarian bands (Gungnir, Fehér Thörveny and Worst Nightmare) and one band from Russia (Death... Continue Reading →

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