From our ‘hood: Hockey Club Bolzano

This week we would to present to you something that hasn't to fit directly with our music, but with our roots. I'm talking about the main Ice Hockey team of our town: the Hockey Club Bolzano. The italian Anthem during one of the last match of the season in the "Palaonda" the Stadium of Bolzano... Continue Reading →

The weekly suggested video: NO PRISONER – Passi Coerenti

This Friday we will suggest you the video of a NSxHC band from our city, from our crew: Passi Coerenti of No Prisoner. As said, they are from the same city (Bolzano) and the same crew, together we share the U-Boot37 project and one member (Divi is their guitarrist). They play an old-school and pragmatic... Continue Reading →

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